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Industrial Base

Tibetan medicine industry is now facing many challenges due to weak modernized scientific research groundwork, insufficient innovation and other factors. For instance, many types of rare and precious mountain herbal medicine species are already dying, lacking Tibetan medicine copy right protection awareness, not having completed standard system, and other challenges. At the same time, people's call to "non-preservative and non-artifical"food is rising louder, and the demand of traditional healthcare increases. Hence, the traditional Tibetan medicine needs modernized scientific research technique support to open up medicine industrialization project that Tibetan selves are in sole possession and lead the sustainable development path.

Dege DzongsarTibetan medicine industrial production improvement project is developed and implemented by Dege Dzongsar Tibetan Medicine Research Institute in Maisu area, and the planning consultant of this project is Sichuan Pharmaceutical Quality Management Association. This project is aim to put up this institute as center stage for Dzongsar Tibetan Hospital, Tibetan medicines factory, preparation room, and medicine decoction piece factory, healthcare food products factory, and herbal medicine cultivation base, standardized Tibetan physicians training center (GMP), and multiplex industrial base. The land size of this project is approximately 55acres, and the construction size of this project is 8000 square meters. The supplementary facilities include: production equipment, inspection, treating plant, laboratory, exhibition hall, training classroom, student dormitory, in-patient department and other basic infrastructures.

The technical unit relationship chart:

1) The Research Institute of Tibetan Medicine

2) Dzongsar Tibetan Hospital

3) Tibetan Medicine Factory

4) Preparation Room

5) Medicine Decoction Piece Factory

6) Herbal Medicine Cultivation

7) Training Center of Physicians of Tibetan Medicine

8) Healthcare Food Products Factory

Standard medicine production factory and present Dzongsar Tibetan Medical Hospital will form a comprehensive industrial base for researches, development, production, selling, training, academics, rescue, and information. In one way, to keep carrying on traditional concept and social public charity service of Dzongsar Tibetan Hospital in order to provide better medical care services and trainings, on other hand, to display the scientific research superiority of Tibetan Medicine Research Institute, to transform the practical result of pharmaceutical manufacture, to research and produce curative remarkable innovative effective medicines, food and healthy product, to develop cultivation techniques for high plateau precious herbal medicine, and to bring medical care benefits throughout Tibetan areas to the whole world.